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Information in English about the research
Introduction in English

In this qualitative study  we are examining patterns of Internet (and computer/media use) among Icelandic students. Graduate students in the spring course Net-based learning and teaching in the ICT program at Iceland Univeristy of Education will gather qualitative data on the Internet use of children and adolescents.  Most of the students are teachers in primary or secondary schools or preschools.    Each graduate student is asked to select randomly a two boys and two girls from the classes/schools in which they teach and with permission from them and parents/guardians interview the children and observe their Internet use in the school.  If that is not possible they will gather similar data from an equal number of children at home.  The description of Internet/computer use is being gathered in a database connected to this web without any personal identifiers (except gender and age of those who were studied). These data are in Icelandic with preliminary coding done by the participating graduate students.   A small number of graduate students have been invited to participate further in the study with tasks including further data analysis, literature review, presentations of the study at conferencing, and web design.

About the data collection - a web created by Sigurbjörg Jóhannesdóttir and Hrund Gautadóttir with video clips showing data gathering.

Some results from the project -Presentation at the the KHI Reserch Centre's 2002 conference on teaching and learning.


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